Introducing: Sharing Workouts

Published on February 26, 2021

A bit more than a month ago, we invited our first customers to test out the beta version of Maxout. The reason for adding users batches was not only to manage the load but also to learn what parts of our intended customer journey wasn't good enough. We had made a few assumptions, and we wanted to verify them before we let more and more users join our community.

One of the things that our initial users asked was that they did not always work out alone. Their partners or their friends sometimes joined them. Sometimes they would train in a group. And in our first version, that would mean that they would have to communicate appropriately to get their same workout to each of their accounts.

We made this a lot easier with our latest feature: Sharing Workouts.

Private and public workouts

With our new feature, one of you can create an activity, and everyone else in your group can use it, too. We made that possible by adding a visibility option to every workout. For each of them, you can now choose whether they should be private or public.

Every Maxout user who knows the unique link to the public workout can view it. Even better, they can use our "Duplicate Workout" feature to add a copy of that workout to their schedule.

You can now find a button that opens a modal with all the share options on the workout view. It also includes a simple button that you can press to copy the unique link. From there, you can share it with anyone that has a Maxout account.

Other features on the roadmap

There were a few more observations we made. We heard from you that Not everyone did always understand our workout modes. While we have some background in CrossFit, we acknowledge that for you, terms like "For Quality" or "ENUM" might be confusing. Clearing up this confusion is one of the next problems we want to solve.

We are also investigating if we should improve the way we invite new users to the app. Some of you had problems to go through the steps. Making this process as simple as possible is mandatory if we want to be successful, so we will make sure that we keep an extra eye on this topic, too.

Before we publish more changes for the app, we are preparing another batch of invites, so make sure that you check your inbox for an email from us. Make sure to double-check the spam folder, too!