AMRAP? EMOM? — What are Workout Modes?

Published on March 19, 2021

One of the things that get asked quite a lot is what the thing is that we call workout modes. When creating a workout, you might have noticed that dropdown menu with a few terms. If you are into CrossFit, you already know what "For Time" or even abbreviations such as "RFT" or "AMRAP" mean. For everyone else, here is a quick explanation.

Workout Modes

Usually, when creating a workout for the gym, you would choose the number of reps and sets for each exercise. And then you would do each exercise from top to bottom.

But what if you want to repeat certain exercise groups? Creating a list of exercises and repeating them 20 times for 20 rounds would take ages, wouldn't it?

That's when workout modes become handy. They help you avoid repetition by setting a workout mode for each part. Let's go through each of them and figure out what they mean.

For Time & For Quality

These two are a straight forward workout mode. "For Time" tells you to do each exercise as quickly as possible. "For Quality" means that you should do each exercise as clean as possible and focus on the quality of your execution.


Similar to "For Time" and "For Quality" these two modes mean "Rounds For Time" and "Rounds For Quality". The number after the workout mode means how many rounds of that group you should do.

For example, "RFT 10" means that you should do ten rounds of the workout part as fast as possible.


This workout mode is similar to RFT. AMRAP stands for "As Many Rounds As Possible" and means that you should repeat all exercises in rounds until the defined time is over.

For example, "AMRAP 10" means that you do all exercises in rounds as often as possible within ten minutes.


Emom is the abbreviation of every minute on the minute. It means that you start the set of exercises every minute. Once you finish them, you can rest for the remainder of the minute and start over again for the next.

No Mode

Well, this is not really from CrossFit. This is just our way to say that we don't want to define a mode here. Just go through the exercises at your custom pace.

Screenshot of the Maxout app showing how to turn off workout modes in the settings

If you never use the workout modes at all, you can just turn them off in your settings. In the "Workouts Preferences" section of the settings tab, you will find an option that says "Use Workout Modes". Turn that off and you won't have to set workout modes at all for your workouts.

There are other modes as well, such as "Death By" or "Tabata". But since we don't use them that often, we didn't add them yet. What about you? Do you use them? Do you need other workout modes? Let us know; we would like to hear your thoughts!