30 days
100 burpeesThe Ultimate Challenge

3000 Burpees in 30 days.
This challenge is going to push your limits.

The Rules

  • You have to do 100 Burpees every single day in the month of April

    Doing 200 Burpees on one day does not give you the next day off.

  • You have to do the 100 Burpees in one workout.

    Integrate them into your existing workouts or do them separately. It’s all good as long as all Burpees are done in the same workout.

  • You can split the Burpees into sets as you want

    Take rest as you need between your reps, believe us you are gonna need it.

  • You can down-scale the Burpee if you are a beginner

    Check out our progressions if 100 burpees is too heavy for you yet. You will be able to do them by the end of April.

  • Share your progress on social media with #burpril2021

    100 Burpees are definitely something you should brag about. Also tag us @getmaxout on Instagram or Twitter for us to share your success.

100 Burpees

Your workout for April is pretty straightforward. 100 Burpees. Every day! Let's do this, shall we?

For Time


1 Set | 100 Reps
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More Workouts

Do you think, doing 100 Burpees everyday might become boring? We got you covered. We have got 30 different workouts for April, all of them including 100 Burpees.



1 Set | 100 Reps

Dumbbell Snatches

1 Set | 30 Reps | 10kg


1 Set | 1mi
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