Our vision

Health is not an option. Or a choice.

And yet, many people lead their lives in which health is just a secondary thought. It only starts to matter when health is not given anymore. When they are not healthy anymore, people start realizing how much of an impact an unhealthy body and mind can have on their everyday lifestyle.

There are plenty of reasons why someone does not prioritize health. In most cases, not living healthy isn’t a choice. It is just circumstances that lead to that path. There is that one important thing at work. A personal emergency is then followed by another emotional incident, and suddenly, you find yourself in that deep hole of habits that harm your health. But a healthy body is the foundation to master any situation that life throws at you.

Maxout aims to be the best companion that assists you with the knowledge and tooling to organize and maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of your situation or goals.

There are three pillars that a healthy lifestyle is based on: Exercise, Nutrition, and Recovery. Only focusing on one or the other will not get you anywhere. The balance of all three aspects is what will make you feel good.

Maxout reduces the effort for training, eating, and sleeping healthier.