A better way to reach your fitness goals

A fitness app that helps you to become the best version of yourself

Your weekly overview

Focus on the current week because that’s what matters most. And within that week today's workout will be marked in a different colour so that you can spot it immediately.

Create your perfect workout

There is no limit to your workout. You can add any exercise to your it and group those exercises as much as you want to.

Are you into CrossFit? You can schedule different modes for each group. But you don't have to; you can do your regular 5x5 as well.

Add the exercises your way

Not everyone does exercises the same way, so how can we tell you how to do them?

Want to start your Barbell Presses with the bar first to warm up properly? Perfectly possible. Want to do them for 5 minutes rather than a fixed amount of repetitions? Perfectly possible.

You can even do a fixed set of reps first and then do them again later in the same workout based on time.

No Limits.
No Costs.

$0free forever

Everyone should be able to pave their way to success. That is why the basic version of Maxout will stay free forever. No credit card needed to sign up.

In the future, we might add a premium plan, maybe we won’t. But we will definitely let you know early enough.

Join our beta program

We are currently in private beta. We are primarily targeting people with initial experience in creating workouts. But we try to improve our app based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Maxout is an app that you can use to schedule and track the workouts you do.