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From time to time, we post articles about Maxout and new features added to the app. We also write articles that help you to reach your fitness goals such as workout inspiration, tip and tricks for a healthier lifestyle or the lastest news from the fitness world.

AMRAP? EMOM? — What are Workout Modes?

What is the thing is that we call workout modes? When creating a workout, you might have noticed a dropdown menu with terms like "For Time", "RFT" or "AMRAP". This article gives you a quick explanation.

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What is HIIT and why does it work?

The prospect that you can do these workouts anywhere with the equipment you've got — There is a reason behind the success of HIIT. This article looks at what HIIT is, the potential benefits, and how to get started with HIIT workouts.

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Building Maxout

I'm not only going to build Maxout in public and share as many insights as possible, but I'm also going to work with a different approach. But how does that approach look like?

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How to deal with food cravings

The problem with food cravings is that it tempts a person to eat unhealthy foods. And so, you may get to abandon your healthy diet. This article will examine why people crave food and how you can handle these cravings.

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Exercising during a pandemic

COVID—19 restricting how people exercise and stay active does not mean that you have to stop working out, it just means you have to get a bit more creative.

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